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No Coincidence: Happiest Nation Is Not Diverse

Finland, a close second to Iceland as the whitest nation on Earth, is 99.8% Caucasian. What makes for happiness? It should come as no surprise that diversity simply forces conflict. People have a natural affinity and affection for their own kind. In a truly free country, everyone has the unalienable right to freedom of association without restriction. Forcing people into close association with others of a different creed or background only leads to conflict and unhappiness for all. America stands as a beacon to all aspiring legal immigrants who commit to assimilation - only assimilation in a nation such as ours can head off the inevitable conflicts of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Otherwise, America must face the fact that it will never be on the list of happiest nations in spite of our exceptionalism. Read more about what the Finns do to be a happy people.

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